Digital Advantages

Smith Radio's Trunked System

Smith Radio's trunked radio system covers a major portion of North Central Pa with its ICOM IDAS System enabling users to utilize an encrypted digital system with many talk paths.  Scanners only hear noise and no voice or audio whatsoever.  The system also includes the capability to call your radios from a smartphone whenever there is cellular or wi-fi service as well as a mobile or portable equipped with a keypad can call the smartphone.

Analog technology is rapidly becoming extinct especially since narrow banding has decreased the range of communication systems.  Digital signals cover much further with no static or decreasing of the audio.

Advantages of switching to smith Radio Digital Radio System

  1. Far less expensive to share a radio system than build and manage a radio system.
  2. Purchasing air time ensures there is a minimum bet on Technology.  RF Technology is changing rapidly in an IP direction.  You would not be locked in with a large capital investment which could be costly to upgrade in the future. We absorb the future upgrade costs.
  3. Your exposure is in simply the radios, not the infrastructure including the FCC Licensing
  4. Expense of being on the Smith Radio System can be accurately projected.
  5. Implementation is as simple as switching radios, not a massive build out program that takes an extended period of time with the question of whether radio spectrum is available for a large build-out.
  6. Network references are available from mission critical users.